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In the movie LUCY IN THE SKY, Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman) plays the role of a strong woman whose determination as an astronaut take her to space, where she’s deeply moved by the transcendent experience of seeing her life from afar. Back home, Lucy’s connection with reality slowly unravels as her world suddenly feels too small.

Lucy in the Sky
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After joining the incredibly sparse ranks of elite humans who have been to outer space, Lucy finds it very hard to return to the mundanity of life back in Texas with her sweet but bland husband (Dan Stevens) and a planet full of people who can neither relate nor understand what she’s experienced. The only things that makes her so happy is her preparations to return to space and an affair she begins with astronaut trainer Mark Goodwin (Hamm), who is one of the few people that understands what she’s going through, because of his space flight experience makes. Lucy suffers a personal tragedy and things begins to unravel. Goodwin dumps Lucy for a younger prospective astronaut (Zazie Beetz), and Lucy prepares for next space mission. She stocks up on supplies and gets on that 900-mile road to Crazy Town, taking her teenage niece (Pearl Amanda Dickson) with her.


Lucy in the sky, is an astronaut drama from a female perspective that argues that space travel can seriously screw with your perceptions of life on earth. It’s very disheartening when talented artists pour everything they’ve got into a film that stubbornly refuses to come to life. The visuals of this film are amazing, its artistic has great performances and entertaining too but, I think the reason why some viewers rejected this film is, because the message it portrays that once you accomplish something great, you are forever alone is not well accepted. In this film, Lisa Nowak and other astronauts felt that life on earth paled after the euphoria of space and This can be depressing to anyone with dreams.

Lucy in the Sky was actually supposed to be science fiction, but some viewers ended up seeing it as a movie about sex, infidelity, not being a good wife and daughter, instead of some great special effects. In all, it is beautifully filmed, started out pretty good and nicely acted. Natalie Portman was great too.

If you are thinking of seeing Lucy in The Sky, you should go ahead, you might just end up enjoying it.

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