How to Get A Man Stuck on You Even Without Sex




Are you a single lady, here are effective ways to keep your man interested in you even without sex.


Men are egoistic in nature. Honoring a man is the cheapest way to have access into his heart. Men don’t like ladies that argues or nag a lot. Avoid that as much as you can, give him maximum respect he deserves.


It is only boys that looks for hot and sexy looking babes for friendship. When a man want to settle down, he looks out for a lady that has the fear of God whom he can trust and entrust his valuables in her hands. A lady who fears God, leads her man to God, because it is the only sure way she can secure him to herself.



No matter how beautiful and sexy you look, if you don’t have a good character, you are not the kinda content a real man want. Your beauty can only attract them, but your character will chase them away. Work on yourself, your temper, be well mannered and homely. Learn to respect people.


Your brain should be filled with wisdom, be wise, be that lady that can be able to advice her man in the right way. That way, he will always run back to you to seek advice. This also improves communication, which is a key factor to a healthy relationship. If your man doesn’t call you to seek advice on important issues surrounding his life, then he sees you as someone who is empty in the head! Be wise.


All single ladies should have source of income, keep yourself busy. No man will disrespect you when you are not dependent on him financially. The major reason why guys keep demanding sex from some ladies is, because they spends a lot on them and they feel that the only way to gain from their expenses is sleeping with them. If you are financially independent to some extent, you can have a say to some large extent in your relationship, he will respect your decisions. learn skills or trade, just have something that can keep you financially stable.

If you do these few things and he still wants to end the relationship, pls let him go. If you don’t he will abandon u in marriage!


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