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To exude confidence, charisma and attractiveness, a man has to be well dressed. Being well-dressed is not about wearing expensive clothes and latest fashions, its about what you choose and how you wear them.

Lots of guys want to be a fashion man, they try to copy all the fashion trends and spending lots of money on hottest designers, some study color matching, some tried different haircuts, and some follow over 50 fashion influencers . Real fashion does not need to be so complicated, you need to know simple fashion rules.

Always pay attention to your personal hygiene, wear a fitted outfit and keep your style modest. Cleaningness is a great key factor here, Clean Men are really very attractive you know


With just 10 easy steps, 90% of men can be awesome. Here are important basic rules to help you dress well.


  • Never wear a V-neck shirt.

​V-neck shirts are OK, but for men, wearing deep V-neck can look so funny and tacky. If you must wear v-necks, the bottom of your v-neck shirt should fall no lower than 2 inches below the collarbone.


  • Don’t Tuck Casual Polos and shirts.


right proportional casual shirts and Polos should be worn untucked unless they cross the hip in length. In this case, tucking in is recommended to avoid looking nerdy.


  • Confidence

Always walk with your shoulders high. Confidence is not only confined to walking boldly but with a proper talking style. Dress as beautiful as you can and be confident that you are not looking good but great . Confidence is also not being overly assertive, but rather your kindness and respect for others are the true signs of a confident man. You may wear a million bucks clothes, but your attitude may be a turnoff and makes you look unattractive.


  • Follow Fashion Trends Less and More of Personal Style.

Style defines you, Who you are is what makes you attractive to other people. Following trending fashion simply makes you one of the herd and one-dimensional. It doesn’t matter if your style is not too great, just put on something clean and smart, have a clean hair cut. However you do it, own it and know yourself.


  • Always wear a Wrist Watch.

Watch is an accessory and not only required for looking at time. Wear an analog watch, it looks better. It should also feel comfortable and be right in terms of size relative to your wrist.


  • Dress appropriately to every ocassion.

Do not wear shorts in the middle of winter, no jeans at a wedding and Don’t ever wear white socks with any formal or casual outfit. White socks are meant to be worn as sportswear, and should not be worn with any casual or formal outfit, especially a suit.


  • Wear Shorts That are on the right Length.

Not too short and not too long. Any short that fall below the knee or ones that are too short is a Big No. The right pick is short, which is no more than 2 inches above the knee.


  • Match Your Outfits Correctly.


Every man should know how to match what they wear correctly, because correct matching is the basic element of style. E.g, belts should match shoes and ties should match pocketsquares. If you are to break the rules, do it consciously. Do not wear stripes on stripes unless you are a fashion expert.


  • Keep your hair Clean and Fresh.

Haircut Styles

If you want to be that clean-cut guy, start with a clean haircut. (Beards included)


Always have The four basic T-shirts in your wardrobe.

This must have T-shirts are plain black, white, charcoal grey and navy blue which include full sleeves shirts, polo shirts, full sleeves t-shirts and half sleeves t-shirts. This are the kind of shirts you can wear literary anywhere.

  •  Avoid too Much Colour Combination Clothes.

Find the color of clothes that suits your skin color. If the color is well matched, it will look rich and fashionable. if it is not properly matched, it will make you look cheap and shabby. Avoid more than 3 colors in one outfit, too many colours in one outfit will make you look like a clown of the room. Best colours for men still remains charcoal, navy blue, grey and may be brown or olive green.


  • Learn how to wear shoes.

Shoes are one of the most important in your outfit, they can make or smash it like hell! Shoes are an integral part of a man’s life and most authentic things to judge the personality of a man. To compliment your fashion tastes and styles,  you have to make the right selection of shoes.

Monkstraps, Oxford’s are for your office purposes, brogues, loafers are for your party needs and go very well with both shirts and t-shirts, jeans, shorts and cargo pants. Sandals are a fantastic way to stay stylish in the heat while giving your feet a much needed breath, but not to be worn to the office. Slip On are for both Casual and Formal Outfit.sneakerss are for all casual purposes, Whether it’s a jeans or chinos shorts or trousers, sneakers stylishly blends in to create a trendy look.


To learn more Tips on Men Fashion, Follow YouTube Channels like Alpha M., teaching men’s fashion, Alex Costa, Real Men Real Style, Beer Biceps.


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